How to choose between multiple Internship offers

Well, here is a case where you are in receipt of multiple internship offers at a time and unfortunately, all are for the same time period, and you are really confused as to which internship offer you may accept and which one to reject. This article will give you the tips to choose between multiple internship offers. While deciding multiple internship offers, do consider following points

Step I: Determine your area of specialisation

Purpose of an internship is to gain in-hand practical experience in the specific field in which you may want to specialise in the future. Hence, it is very much essential to determine the area of specialisation in which you may do your internship.

Step II: Determine your availability

Since, some internships are full time and other are part time, it is essential for you to decide the best suitable internship offer, which fits your time schedule.

Step III: Determine your maximum travel

It is very much necessary to determine that, whether you are willing to travel during your internship. If so, up to what extent. In cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, where the cost of living is high you may have to find some accommodation in a place where it is far from your office for at least 1 – 2 hours. Determining your maximum travel during internship will assist you in limiting the areas in which you can look for an internship.

Step IV: Determine your budget

Though most of the internships are unpaid, there are few good internships, which pay the interns at par with entry-level position. Though, it is up to you to determine whether to go for paid or unpaid internship based on your financial stability, it is also an important factor to be determined while choosing an appropriate internship offer between multiple offers.