Outsourcing and its Economic effect – With special reference to Legal Process Outsourcing.

Author: Kanishk Thakur

IN TODAY’S competitive world of business, gaining efficiency and staying profitable have become the corporate “mantras”. Like other BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) activities, India’s legal services are affordable and efficient. Most international law firms based in the US and Europe is taking the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) route to be lucrative. Several international law firms, legal departments of large corporations and also state and federal government agencies are increasingly outsourcing their legal work to India to reduce cost and increase efficiency

Preparation of pleadings, docketing, proof-reading, transcription of recorded documents, litigation support and research, case studies and law firm marketing are various avenues of work that are being outsourced to India. The advantage of the time zone,availability of English speaking attorneys and familiarity with common law doctrines attract foreign firms. Indian attorneys with US/UK qualifications are sought after. International ttorneys are impressed not only by the labor cost differential, but also by the quality and speed of work done. Continue reading “Outsourcing and its Economic effect – With special reference to Legal Process Outsourcing.”