Negotiation and Conciliation

Author : VS Warrier

“A legal adjudication may be flawless but heartless but a negotiated settlement will be satisfying, even if it departs from the strict law” – JUSTICE KRISHNA IYER.

These profound words of Krishna Iyer signify the importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in general and negotiation in particular. The foremost and the most helpful and purposeful method to resolve a dispute is by mutual obligation. The best justification for negotiated settlement is that is that it is based on bipartite agreements and as such is superior to any arrangement involving third party intervention in matters, which essentially concern the parties. Nothing is more satisfying and more soothing than a cordially negotiated amicable settlement. It is supreme. It is sublime. It protects and preserves personal and business secrets, relationships and reputations. It heals the wounds and cures the pains. It avoids unnecessary anguish and expense. Continue reading “Negotiation and Conciliation”