Law as a career and importance of legal profession

Over the last few decades, legal profession in India has undergone strategic and substantial changes. Of late, it has become the most promising career option for many of the students soon after their twelfth standard. Now a days many students chose law as a career. Besides the basic degree of five-year, integrated LL.B OR three-year LL.B courses, now various specialised master degree (LL.M) courses are available now.

These options are available in addition to the traditional branches such as civil, criminal, corporate, taxation, labour and election law, there are new areas, including space, cyber, intellectual property, and international laws. Today’s law students are better equipped than those about 10-15 years ago. Earlier, students used to take law as their last resort, whereas today, many chose law as their first priority.

In this regard, introduction of National Law Schools have played a vital role in uplifting the dignity and standard of legal education in India. Scope of legal profession is very good, as compared to yester years. If, a student prefer to choose law as a career, following are some of the major areas, where a law graduate can explore his career:

  • Academia
  • Banking and finance
  • Development Agencies
  • Entrepreneur
  • Government Jobs
  • Judicial Service
  • Legal Journalism
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Politics
  • Professional Counselling
  • Public Interest Advocacy