Resume Writing Tips: How to write a resume for law student?

Resumes are the first and foremost tool for a law student to market himself in the job market. Recruiters often spend hardly 30 seconds time on each resume, when they receive it for the first time. Therefore, the point is a resume of a law student or a legal professional have only 30 seconds to impress the recruiter.

Further, considering the less opportunities and comparatively large number of law students OR legal professionals, it is always important to have an eye-catching resume so, that the possibility of getting shortlisted for the interview is high. In this article, let us try to understand, How to write a resume for Law student OR How to write a resume for legal professional.

While writing a resume for law student, do consider following points.

Text, Font and Formatting

The very first thing every recruiter look into a law student’s resume is the font and formatting of the resume. Law student shall always choose a professional font while writing a resume for either law firm internship or law firm interview. Times New Roman OR Helvetica are the most recommended font for writing a resume for law student. Font size shall be 11 or 12. However, a law student is free to choose any font as he like, so that, the resume shall look beautiful.


Every law student resume shall have proper margin spaces and they shall leave reasonable line space so that, it will be easy for the reader to read the contents of a law student’s resume.


Each resume for a law student shall contain certain heading. Most probably this is the section which is always mentioned at the top of the law student’s resume, where he write his name and contact details such as his postal address, email id and contact number.

Layout and Resume Template

Law student shall decide and finalise a suitable resume template and a design layout for his resume. If a law student cannot decide it himself, he may choose from various templates available with MS Word/Microsoft Office or other custom-made templates available online.

Online Research Internship program for law student

Competitions for internship are very high among law students in India. Though, the Bar Council of India restrict internships outside the vacation time, student often prefer to intern as an when they get an opportunity. Are you belongs to such category of law student who prefers to do an internship even outside the vacation period. If so, we recommend you to look for virtual or online internship opportunities.

There are various organisations at national as well as international level, which offer virtual internships for law student. The Lex-Warrier: Online Law Journal is the first organisation in India, which started offering online research internships to law students at an international level.

It is recommended to choose research based internship programs, if you are planning to do virtual internship. So that, you can work right from your room or college library. Further, such research internships will also, increase your research skills and it keeps you up to date in the field.

Further, you may consider doing online research internship on those areas of laws, which you are studying in that particular semester or trimester. For example, if you are studying Constitutional Law, Law of Contract, Torts Law, Criminal Law and Human Rights in your semester or trimester, you may choose to do an internship in any of those subjects. Thereby, it will even help you in strengthening your knowledge in relevant subject of course it will help you to score good grade in your examination.

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