How to plan and pursue law degree in US?

Legal profession is the noblest and highly paid profession in the United States of America. Most of the top paying lawyers are from US. Law schools are the institutions in the United States of America, from where the students pursue their professional degree in law.


What is a Law degree in US called?

A law degree in US is generally called JD, i.e., Juris Doctor Degree. Juris Doctor Degree offered by the law schools in the United States of America are the terminal degree for most of the practitioners on US. Juris Doctor (JD) is a professional doctorate offered by the law schools in US.


How to prepare for law schools in US?

LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is an entrance exam through which most of the law schools in the US are admitting students, especially students from the international community. LSAT is just like the other entrance exams viz. SAT or ACT for admitting students to the undergraduate program.


How long will it take to complete a law degree in United States of America?

The final stage of a law degree is law school. In most of the law schools, degree programs in law are generally for three years. However, law school doesn’t allow a student to select their own speed to complete their law degree like that of other undergraduate students.


How many credits required to obtain the Juris Doctor degree?

In order to get certified for the Juris Doctor Degree, and to become eligible to appear for the Bar exam, law students of full-time law degree must have a minimum of 90 weeks in residence and a minimum of 12 credits in each semester.


How to become a lawyer in the United States of America?

The first and foremost point for becoming a lawyer in the United States is to obtain a Bachelor Degree and obtain the Juris Doctor degree from any of the recognized laws schools or universities of United States of America. In order to get admission to a law school one has to appear for LSAT entrance exam, as discussed earlier. Once, you are a certified JD degree holder, you may enroll for bar exam.