How to secure an Internship

Securing an internship is even tougher than that of searching an internship. This article will explain you the tips to secure an internship.

Step I: Contact the employer

Primary step is to establish a contact with the employer. Generally, the advertisement for an internship will also let you know the best possible ways to get in touch with the employer. If it is not specified in the internship notification, then making a phone call to the concerned department of the organisation would be a good choice to get connected with your prospective employer. However, your communication in such cases shall be professional and be confident. Once, you had an interaction with the concerned person from your prospective employer, it is always appreciated to collect their email id and email them a copy of your updated Resume along with a covering letter and you may also ask them any initial queries you may have.

Step II: Excel in interview

All you have to do to secure an internship is to impress your employer and convince them that, you are the most suitable candidate for the internship. Interview is the best chance for you to do the same. This could be done in number of ways such as your dress code, language and mannerism (body language), and of course your approach to interview questions.

  • Conduct a thorough research about the organisation before the interview
  • Find out and remember the vision and mission of the organisation
  • Ensure that, you looks and sound professional and confident
  • When it comes to self-introduction, speak in definitive terms. For eg: I can do this, I will do that etc.
  • Do not use terms such as may be, probably etc.
  • Use references to the buzzwords, vision and mission of the organisation
  • Get conversant with those common interview questions and how to answer them
  • There are many standard questions that tend to get asked and how you answer them is important

Step III: Be persistent and proactive

Always be persistent and proactively seek the information you want during interview. Since, employers want to see that you are capable, determined, and invested in the position you want, persistence and proactive character of yours will give the employer an impression that you will work hard and be a good employee.

Step IV: Acceptance of Offer

Well, now you have cleared the interview and received an offer. Once you receive an offer, make sure that, the offer is matching with your expectations. If you have any other interviews in your hand, you may ask the employer for some time to decide on the offer. However, you are advised not to reveal about your other interviews. Subsequently you may contact the other employers you’ve interviewed with and see if they can make you an offer sooner. This will help you to choose the best offer rather than going for the first job offer, you receive.

How to search for Internships

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Step I: Resume Writing

Writing a resume is the first and foremost step in searching for an internship. You should have a complete resume available at your hand before searching for an internship. This will help you to speed up the application procedure in case you find any suitable internship. Further, this will be very essential if you are doing some specific kind of internship searches like attending a job fair, campus interview, walk-in etc.


Step II: Get professional look and appearance (Clothing – Dress Code)

At par with having a readily available Resume, Dress code is also very much important while searching an internship, especially if you are attending a campus interview or a job fair. You should be dressed appropriately whenever; you are meeting a person in search of an opening at his or her office or organisation. As we know, first impression is the best impression, and in that case, dress code has an important role.

Step III: Placement Cells at your School or College

Most of the professional colleges or schools today have an in-house placement cell or a career guidance cell to assist and guide their students to obtain a job placement. They even assist students to get internship opportunities. Hence, you may register yourself with the Placement Cell at your school/college/institute and seek their assistance in searching for an internship and securing the same.

Step IV: Attend Job Fairs

Attending job fairs will give you a great opportunity to know about various organisations and their job profiles. Jobs fairs will also give you an opportunity to interact with the executives or employees of various organisation and thereby you will get a fair chance to know about the organisation, much before applying for an internship there. Job fairs are often held in all major cities. So keep watching every day’s newspaper as well various relevant websites or television advertisement regarding the same. If, you find any such job fair at you city or nearby, be ready to attend. However, you should have a clear idea about what exactly you are looking for in an internship, be ready with your updated Resume, and of course well dressed.

Step V: Job listing websites, Professional Organisations or associations

Getting yourself registered with various reputed job listing websites or getting yourself associated with any professional organisations or associations of your area of specialisation would also be helpful in searching for a suitable internship.

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Step VI: Professional Networking Websites

Networking is one of the best way to find out an internship. This could be done either offline or online. There are many websites, which helps you to get connected to professionals at various fields.