High Court upholds authorities’ sealing temple

The bench, comprising Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana while hearing the Public Interest Litigation came up before them challenging the seal put up by officials on the temple in a village in Thiruporur taluk in the district, upheld the act of authorities in locking a temple in Kancheepuram district due to infighting between two groups over worship, observing that, no God demands that people should fight over worshiping Him. The case was pertaining to the sealing of the Gangaiamman Temple by one E Saman on behalf of some of the other villagers.

Saman said revenue authorities sealed one temple located on a poromboke piece of land. The move followed complaints from some villagers who worshipped at the other Gangaiyamman temple. He said the authorities held peace committee meetings to avoid the trouble. Notwithstanding any representations to the Kancheepuram District Collector had not evoked any response and that villagers were unable to offer worship at the sealed temple, Saman sought a direction from the court to unseal it.

It was observed by the bench that there are two Gangaiamman temples in the village. Peace was disturbed due to the fight between two groups. The temple was temporarily sealed, allowing worship in the other temple. It appears that the sealed temple was built on poromboke’ land.

Court observed that, “they are unable to accept the petitioner’s plea that it is an interference with the right of worship. No God demands that people should fight over worshipping Him. If people cannot peacefully worship, then the temple will have to be locked. Hence, the administrator took the right decision in locking the temple till better sense prevails over the people of the area, and upheld the act of authorities in locking a temple. The Court further opined that, the present petition can hardly be termed a Public Interest Litigation.”