Cyber Extortion or Extortion through Internet

Author: Shashank Singh

It’s a new twist on an old racket that has haunted businesses for centuries — “Give us money or we’ll shut you down”

The trend of common citizen using Internet will keep growing and soon everyone will be “Netizens” by choice or by force. Sooner or later, every one of us will not only be using the Internet but also be developing a pressing need for it. Internet has already become an integral part of our life and will continue to influence every aspect of our day-to-day activity.

Cyber crime is the most dangerous of all crimes because of the magnitude of the loss it is causing today, the ease with which it is committed; its visibility and the disregard of geographical boundaries; the difficulty in investigation, collection of evidence and the successful prosecution of the cyber criminal. Once the Internet becomes an integral part of the daily life of even the common man, which is not far away, cyber crime if not checked in time would be destructive for civilization itself. Continue reading “Cyber Extortion or Extortion through Internet”