Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd to pay Rs. 41,000/- compensation

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd has been directed by a consumer forum here to pay Rs 41,000 to a passenger for loss of his LCD TV in transit from Bangkok.

Complainant bought an LCD TV for Rs 31,000 from Bangkok and during his return journey on May 2, 2010; he had deposited it with the airline for transporting it back to India on the same flight that he was travelling in. On reaching Delhi, he found that the TV had not arrived on the same flight and the airline informed him that it was lost in transit, he had said.

It was alleged by the complainant that, despite being informed the airline authorities on the loss of baggage, the airline refused to compensate the consumer which leading him to go for this complaint. Continue reading “Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd to pay Rs. 41,000/- compensation”