How to prepare for CLAT exam in 30 days

Recently have come across an interesting newspaper advertisement of a leading CLAT coaching centre, claiming to offer to prepare for exam (CLAT preparation) in 30 days. I was just wondering that, whether it is possible to prepare for Common Law Admission Test in just 30 days.

Oh yeah may be possible, because, earlier there were lot of books published offering to learn any language in thirty days. For example, learn Tamil in 30 days OR learn Hindi in 30 days etc.

Considering those examples, if someone can learn an unknown language in 30 days, then it will not be a big deal to prepare for an exam, in 30 days, where the whole exam will be held only for two hours.

Well, jokes apart. Do you think that, you can prepare for and clear a highly competitive exam like Common Law Admission Test in just 30 days? If yes, hats off to you. You are genius. However, it is not the case in many others.

Mere 30 days is not enough to prepare for competitive exams like CLAT. It needs lots of preparation and hard work. All you can do in 30 days is to revise, if you already completed your preparation.

CLAT is one of those kinds of examination, where in just two hours’ time, a candidate is asked to answer 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s). It is very important to note that, those 200 MCQ’s are from the areas of Mathematics, English, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

Besides, there are negative marks in CLAT exam for every wrong answer. Attending any competitive exam needs lot of preparation, which includes not only the academic preparations but also mental preparations and others like time management etc. Not so all these preparations can be done in 30 days.

So, we request all those who are planning to take up law as a career, and to appear for Common Law Admission test, not to blindly accept such kind of advertisements, as they are misleading advertisements.

However, if you are already prepared well with academic part of the CLAT exam you may take up some crash courses for CLAT. Provided, such course involves a refresher course on the syllabus and where they discuss on tips and strategies for attending CLAT exam and last minute preparations for CLAT exam.