How to write a project report?

Writing a project report is necessary for securing good grade in any course. Often all the subjects taught in the higher studies mandates the student to write a project report and submit the same prior to the final exam.

However, how many of you really worked on your project. In most of the cases, a student will collect the project report from seniors, make few modifications, and submit the same in his or her name. That is not the right way.

You know! Here, we are going to reveal that great secret to you on How to write a project report. Writing a project report is very easy, if you consider following steps;

Importance of Project Report: All of us need good grade in all subjects. However, it is often difficult to study the whole syllabus and appear the exam. Therefore, what are the other methods? One such method is to submit a good project report. A well-written project cannot only get you good marks but it can even play a vital role in deciding the rank.

What examiners looking for?:While writing a project report, it is most important to address the concern of the evaluator. That means, a project report shall be written, so that, it can impress the examiner. Only, if your project report convince the examiner, you will be able to score higher grade.

Purpose of a project report is to report on the work already done or a plan for a work to be done. Each project report shall be based on the facts. If the project report is about a work, which is already completed, then one must write a project report in past tense, and if the same is about a future work, then one must write a project report in future tense.

Structure of a project report shall contain;

  1. Title page
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Executive summary or abstract
  4. Table of contents
  5. Introduction and body (no heading)
  6. Conclusion / recommendations
  7. References or bibliography
  8. Glossary
  9. Appendices


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