Student Ambassador Program

Lex-Warrier invites applications from interested candidates for the Student Ambassador Program with us

Student Ambassador Program

Lex-Warrier Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Lex-Warrier and their universities. These ambassadors:

  • Learn about innovative Lex-Warrier products and programs.
  • Plan and host events on campus
  • Act as a campus contact for Lex-Warrier teams.
  • Help Lex-Warrier to better understand each university’s culture.

Ambassador requirements

  • An ideal Student Ambassador is:
  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study (preferably law student)
  • Available 20 hours per month to spend on Lex-Warrier evangelist work
  • Familiar with various computer/internet applications
  • Involved with student organizations and activities

Ambassadors are expected to maintain certain degree of confidentiality about the work delegated to you.

Interested candidates shall forward a copy of your resume to

Do not send just a resume. In your email’s subject, clearly mention “Application for the Student Ambassador Program”. Attach your Resume. Write a small “Statement of Purpose” as why are you applying to Lex-Warrier for this post. Properly format your email.

Emails, which do not follow these guidelines, cast a bad impression on the Recruitment Team. Make your email and CV presentable.

Good Luck

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